Take advantage now of the new tax benefits when you buy a property in 2024

■ The advantages of buying a principal residence

  • Bëllegen Akt” tax credit increased to €40,000 per person, or €80,000 per couple
  • Tax deductibility of interest on debts increased

■ Benefits for investors

  • Introduction of a tax credit for investment in rental housing of €20,000 per person, i.e. €40,000 for a couple.
    (Measure temporarily limited to the acquisition of a new build (VEFA) in 2024*)
  • Increase in the accelerated depreciation rate to 6% over 6 years. The maximum annual amount that can be claimed under this scheme is capped at €250,000. (Temporarily limited for the purchase of a new build (VEFA) in 2024*)

■ The advantages of selling your property

  • Reduction in the rate of capital gains tax to a quarter of the overall rate (10.5%), when a property is sold in 2024 (measure applicable subject to conditions). To be considered as capital gains and not as speculative profits taxable at the standard rate, the interval between acquisition (or formation) and sale must exceed two years. From 1 January 2025, capital gains on property will once again be taxed at half the overall rate, provided that the holding period exceeds 5 years.
  • Immunisation of capital gains transferred on housing used for social rental management or on housing with an A+ energy performance rating.

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