VEFA guarantees

All new projects marketed by HEKTAR are protected by insurance covering the ten-year and two-year guarantees.

What is the ten-year guarantee?

The ten-year guarantee covers defects affecting the soundness of the building shell for a period of 10 years from acceptance of the work. Here are some examples of defects covered:

  • Load-bearing elements: foundations, posts and walls, floors, vaults, roof structure, etc.
  • Wall cladding in hard materials,
  • Stairs and floors,
  • Pipes, ducts and ducts inside the walls,
  • Door, window and skylight frames,
  • Fixed structures for lifts and goods lifts,
  • Fixed ceilings and partitions.

What is the biennial guarantee?

The two-year guarantee covers defects in minor works (i.e. building components other than structural works, shaped, manufactured or installed by the contractor) for a period of 2 years from acceptance of the work. These include the following defects:

  • coverings, tiles
  • visible radiators, pipes, ducts and ducts,
  • doors, windows, shutters and blinds,
  • ceilings, fixed partitions, door and window frames,
  • standard installations: heating, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, aeraulic, telephone, television, fixed safety installations,
  • movable elements of the building enclosure.


Any defect must be reported immediately to the ten-year or two-year liability insurance company, depending on the type of defect in question, so that it can take responsibility for repairing the damage.

This declaration must be made before the expiry of the ten-year or two-year guarantee periods.

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